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Besides having a natural artistic gift, creating art and sharing it with others is my calling. I love dreaming up beautiful things and the challenge of bringing them to life, and when those things bring inspiration and ideas to other people - it's like the cherry on top of the best dessert ever.

I have a passion for designing beautiful, minimal, and clean websites and brand components that are an expression of a feeling, an interpretation of the natural world, or that tell a story.

I have been obsessed with drawing and painting as a child, and taught myself digital illustration first with Microsoft Paint, then Adobe Photoshop.  I became an expert at digital illustration using Adobe Illustrator in my fifteen years as a Fashion Designer.

When it comes to marketing and websites, I love the science behind brand development and marketing strategies as it relates to the look and feel, and how the elements help to tell a story beyond words.

Most of all, I love putting my passion to work for a cause that helps to better the world.

This is why I love working with mission-driven small businesses to develop an elevated online presence that not only looks great, but is clean, functional, highlights their purpose, and truly feels like their brand.


Redecorating my apartment

Nerding out over a new online marketing course

Walking a nature trail with a great podcast

Going on spontaneous adventures around the globe with my husband.

Organized & Detail Oriented

Project Management

Strong Visual Design Aesthetic

Creative Problem-Solver

Excellent Communicator

Team Collaboration

Color & Typography

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Mobile-First Design

UI Design Patterns


Icon Design


High-Fidelity Mockups

Brand Style Guide

I've spent three years building new tech and marketing skills to enhance my solid foundation of transferrable skills as a design pro.

Fresh + Former

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As I sat down to create my first business website in a certain block-based website builder from a rough paper drawing (pre-wireframe training) ... 

My Career Transition


I unknowingly was falling down a rabbit hole into a world I didn't yet know would capture my design heart forever. What was meant to be a quick business site soon turned into a deep dive into pushing the boundaries of what 2017 template builders could do.

What surprised me most at the time was the sheer determination I had to figure out how to make the vision of my imaginary site come to life on the screen.
Not knowing the first thing about code, I turned to Google in search for answers - because if other websites could do this new cool thing, there HAS to be a way for mine to do the same.

For that first site, I was dedicated to figuring out the puzzle, and I stayed up late into the night scouring the internet, and ruminated on solutions laying in bed trying to fall asleep. 

The challenge to crack the code was both fun and mystifying to the die-hard researcher in me.

This was the first time in my life I looked at a forum, and while none of it really made sense, that didn't stop me from testing out the code.

And let me tell you, when I did finish the site and got all the bells and whistles to fire off as I envisioned - I felt more pride and accomplishment in this work than the wedding stationery I was designing! And my curiosity only grew from there.

I knew the website was speaking more to our clients than our words ever could.

I copy-pasted code snippets into the guarded HTML and CSS sections of my template. These built-in custom code editors were protected by scary alerts like gate-keepers, warning me I would break my site if I wasn't careful. I was not a web designer after all, I was a complete newbie. 

My husband told me I was spending too much time and getting caught in the weeds on this website. I'm supposed to be a stationery designer, who cares if the website is great... we just needed a site for our small business to start booking clients. I didn't agree. 

Whether we like it or not, the world perceives the cover of the book before reading it. Which is why I believe it's so important that a business has a brand identity and home on the internet that looks and feels how they want to be perceived by the world, and that their message and mission is woven into the fabric of their design.

The truth is, I could see that a website and brand identity speak to others in a similar way that one's clothing speaks about the wearer.

order of events:


Completed Visual Design courses, graduated from Skillcrush!!


Started my first business as a Stationery Designer while Freelancing in fashion.


Enrolled in Skillcrush's Break Into Tech Blueprint for Web Development while working full time as a Senior Fashion Designer.


Completed Web Development courses, retired from the fashion industry, enrolled in the Visual Design Blueprint.

Graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Design, minor in business; hired as a full-time fashion design assistant.

Where I'm Learning...



Visual design


business & marketing

email marketing

Marie Forleo's

List Builder's Society

Amy Porterfield's

Ashlyn Carter's

Copywriting for Creatives


Whole Bean Roastery & Coffee Bar

STylish brand kit

humanist photographer site

Modern furniture website

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Want to Know More If I'm the Right Fit For Your Mission-Driven Business?

I'd love to schedule a video-chat to get into the details, find out about opportunities in your organization, and answer all your burning questions about my career transition! 

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Based in the New York Tri-State area. 
I work from home most days, but unlock another level of creativity at coffee shops surrounded by other self-motivated creators.

I typically stumble on my best ideas while hiking in nature or exploring a new city.

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I love working with mission-driven small businesses to develop an elevated online presence that not only looks great, but is clean, functional, highlights their purpose, and truly feels like their brand.

A modern designer with vision + expertise.

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